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Hiring a senior foreign trade salesman
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Job requirements:

1, who are interested in working in overseas sales, have great interest and enthusiasm;

2, able to skillfully use English to communicate with foreign customers, give priority to with email and Skype, have a strong spirit of challenge;

3, college degree or above, English telephone sales experience is preferred;

4, good attitude, energetic, hope to challenge the high salary, can accept to work overtime, have strong initiative spirit of service;

5, the personality is bright, has the team cooperation spirit and the quality of the stick to not give up easily;

6, with foreign trade related work experience is preferred;

7, with sales and other related work also consider the outstanding graduates of social practice, men and women there is no limit.

Job responsibilities:

1, through the network and overseas exhibition platform, responsible for product development and extension of overseas markets;

2, try every means to develop new customers, communication, clinch a deal the order.


1, the base salary of 2800-3500 (depending on the applicant well) + commission (monthly income of 2800-8000, on the uncapped);

2, working time: 6 days a week;

From Monday to Saturday: morning 9:00-12:00, afternoon PM - 18:30

3, 1 to 3 months probation period;

4, have perfect attendance of 100 yuan a month, once every half a year plus length of service awards 50 yuan, birthdays and other important traditional festivals have benefits and so on.


Work location: guangzhou yong fu road no. 45 for international automobile city in guangdong area 52 B

Contact: tel: 020-83498485 83507176


Apply for the program

1, carefully read the job requirements, analysis, eight, think twice before lest delay yourself and other people's time;

2, feel fully qualified for the job, can send your resume:;

3, such as, the company will inform the interview.

This is a simple simple circles, a can let a person the rapid growth of school,

A as long as pay will eventually give you in return

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