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Hot sale IPHCAR Q5 HID bixenon projector lens light with D2H/D2S bulb 

  • Product description 

This kind H4 BI-xenon bulb projector lens Q5 of 3.0inch projector lens Q5,it has three prominent features in design and in service.

Firstly ,the material of the projector lens Q5 holder is aluminum ally ,it is attractive and durable.

Secondly , utilizing skillful manufacture to make aluminum alloy bowl light .At the same time ,through UV treatment  and testing time after time ,we find  that this IPHCAR Q5 lens for projector lens that indeed can withstand long-term high temperature.

ThirdlyHigh quality cutting line is so shape and clear .That is to say ,low beam (white shape cutting line )and high beam (blue shape cutting line )are both wider and brighter .(you can check the following picture)

  • Product parametes

product name 

Q5 HID bixenon projector lens light 

size 3.0inch 
bulb type D2H /D2S
power 35w
output voltage 12v-24v
bowl light material aluminum alloy 
beam high&low 
fit for H1 H4 H7 H13 9004 9005 9006 9007
suitable for RHD

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