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LED external daytime running light for 2013 KIA K2

Product descriptions

Five prominent features in design and in service are inherent in this product.

1.External daytime running flexible drl led strip with yellow turning light.

2.When car running ,the led light is white ;When car tuning ,the light is yellow .( with tunning function)
3.Led special daytime running light ieasy to be installed so that saving cost .

4.Special daytime running light is imported quality and its color is greatly pure .

5.Because this special daytime running light is original from optical design ,it can save energy consumption as well as getting  through haze in foggy weather .

product name 

special car led light daytime running light

car make 2013 KIA K2
led DRL color white 
tunning light  color yellow 
voltage 12V
led power 1w
current stability ≤2mA (in 24hours)
working current ≤150mA-300mA
working power <10W
working temperature -40℃-60℃

Product photos 

Product effects