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The xenon lamp before must understand a few questions
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1, the classification of the xenon lamp, xenon lamp points total of six kinds of the form of the light bulb.High beam, low beam lights with lens with lens (the above two kinds of lamp general use on the original factory xenon lamp system such as PST, audi, etc.) the h1 (in light bulb), h3 (fog), h4 (distance light bulb), h7 (passing light bulbs).

2, xenon lamp system modification way: two commonly

A > a) is the floorboard of the luxury floorboard and modified - the headlight bulbs in all.Didn't have to speak this way, but there are two limitations first: price is too high;Baolai hela assembly of more than 10000 and also hella bulb, 4000-5000.Second assemblies are restricted by the original manufacturer of accessories, if the model doesn't have a xenon lamp assembly, that is no way out.Such as small cut, is certainly no original xenon lamp assembly.

> b) the second is just change the light bulb.

3, the modified process: the xenon lamp, only to change a lightbulb products include four parts: booster, ballast is above two things is the size of a cigarette packet iron box, fixed to the car to go, the light bulb, wires.Don't modified line, as long as the line, they had received the light bulbs to boost up on it.Very simple.

4, must want to consider before you decide to modified clear risk:

> a) questions about the high frequency interference: a xenon lamp starting moment need 3.50000 volts.Has the certain possibility may interfere with the car electric appliances, such as audio, baolai wipers and interference phenomenon.The proportion of small, but there is possibility, need to prepare.

> b) about the problem of penetrating: the number of k xenon lamp is higher, according to the principle of optical, k number, the higher the easier it is covered by the number of low k light, ordinary street lamp only below 2000 k.The effect is not obvious.Need to adapt.But when you look at the reflector, know the brightness of the light is enough.Environment around the black, the effect of xenon lamp, the better.Especially when walk the road of the night, you will find that he's cute.But there is one more notable problems: penetration of the xenon lamp under the rain and snow fog weather is poorer, falling is better.Need love extreme off-road brothers think about it.Rushed to practical application, several times in Beijing snow and rain, feeling penetration of xenon lamp although down, but also did not think how much worse than halogen lamp, because his brightness itself fallen by half than halogen lights.

> c) questions about light horn: because of the characteristics of the xenon lamp itself, from light to full brightness takes a few seconds.May not be so arbitrary flash headlights.Feedback from the reality, is not so serious: first: the first flash lamps, light is weak, but still that sentence, but also used his half enough brightness, is much more than the halogen lights.And - then flash headlights basic won't have the brightness of the lag.Should be the role of the capacitance.Xenon lamp light the horn does not have a large impact.

> d) questions about after finishing loading effect of xenon lamp: pack after the effects of the most important thing is that two: first, the set-up of lamplight, be sure to adjust the light.For xenon lamp is very bright, originally didn't adjust a little, will produce very big effect to other vehicles.So be sure to move light, for the sake of others.Second is very important: is the floorboard of the lamps and lanterns of the quality of itself, which is we can't change things, generally speaking: distance separate circular lamp light bowl effect is very good, the effect of light is one of the worst square lamp light, and worst for Polaris.Unfortunately, small slice is this.I didn't read carefully small slice of the lamp.Interested can look at whether the lights of the small cut very divergent, if not very divergent.Should be no problem, if it is too divergent, or forget it.

> e) security problems: xenon lamp should be mature, do not change the original car circuit should be no big problem, the key is fixed, the parts, and although he is only 35 w but fever is better.Don't use inferior lamp holder.